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July 17, 2014 2 Comments AUTHOR: Justin McGill CATEGORIES: Entrepreneurship

Blogging is important.

In fact, blogging is the number 1 thing I tell businesses that they should do when they ask me for digital marketing advice.

It’s so important, I felt the need to actually have a separate blog to discuss topics that are related to business, but that I wouldn’t necessarily share on a business related blog.

If you don’t know me, I would suggest reading my About Me page for more information. A couple key points though to summarize:

  1. I have owned a 7 figure digital marketing agency since early 2008. Even though I am CEO, I have handed the day to day responsibilities over to my team.
  2. I am launching a SaaS startup called Workado that helps digital marketing teams stay organized and report on activities to their clients. This is what I am focusing 100% on now.
  3. I have a deep passion for startups, business, and marketing. My goal with this blog is to help others grow their businesses and to build relationships with people like myself.
  4. I am also a diehard Arizona Cardinals fan/season ticket holder, but I probably won’t be going into this much on this blog.

Now that we have that out of the way, lets go back to why I’m starting this blog separate of my two businesses.

It allows me to build a separate brand

I want to be known as a business man, and one that really understands how to grow businesses. Having my own blog allows me to demonstrate that experience and document my journey. Doing so on a company blog, just doesn’t quite make a lot of sense.

I can grow my own list

You may have noticed that email signup at the very top of this page or to the right. This is because I want to be able to grow my own list, independent of any business ventures. If I were to sell any businesses, I would lose the lists that those companies have built up.

By having a separate list that I build myself, I am able to inform everyone on it of new product launches, and keep with my own personal goal of helping grow businesses.

I am planning on writing two books. I also have a couple of other tools that I feel marketers and business owners need. By having my own list, I’ll be able to get those launched more quickly and more successfully.

I can go behind the scenes

Not that I can’t do this on the company blogs, but it would be a little out of place. I do plan on going “Behind the Scenes” with Workado over at the Workado blog, but here I will go deeper into the results and the reasoning.

On this blog, I’ll also share things like hiring practices, culture, and other topics that don’t make sense for the Workado blog.


I plan on posting business and marketing advice here on JustinMcGill.net. This helps to hold me accountable, while also helping others who are facing similar situations.

My aim is to build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs. Connect with me on Twitter or Google+ or LinkedIn and let me know what you are working on!


  1. Dave Schneider 10 years ago says:

    Yeah same reason I started mine in March, and so far so good at least in terms of personal branding and list building. If you’re looking for any tips you know where to find me!

  2. Gerome 9 years ago says:

    Justin your stuff is awesome!!!! kudos! and thanks for being open here and really explaining these things 😀


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