Quick Facts: I am a serial entrepreneur born in April of 1982. I have a son, a wife, and a baby girl on the way.

I believe in sharing the lessons I’m learning with others. Educating others about entrepreneurship feels good and I enjoy learning what others have to offer as well.

You’ll go behind the scenes of my businesses to see what goes into the day to day. You’ll learn about the different techniques I use to find new business opportunities and to validate them before committing to any one idea. Most importantly, you’ll learn all the strategies I implement to launch a product, acquire customers, and scale the business.

What Makes Me Qualified?

I first got started in entrepreneurship in 2008 when I started a digital marketing agency. I was a supervisor at a transportation company before diving into the world of digital marketing.

I started with nothing.

In fact, I had -$6 in my bank account two months after starting the company before I finally found my stride. I grew the agency into a 7-figure business and in the summer of 2014 I stepped away and let my team run the company while I serve as an Advisor.

Since stepping away from my agency, I discovered podcasts (and recently launched my own), and have since launched two other businesses. One is a SaaS product called Workado, and the other is a productized service called LeadFuze. I’m always on the lookout for the next idea worth testing as well.

I always enjoy talking with other startup founders and hearing their journeys so I decided I would share mine along with all the lessons I’m learning along the way.

What You’ll Get Out of This Blog

I am always looking for new ideas to test and validate and I share all the details that go into each new startup concept.

In addition, I provide a month-in-review post every month that goes into the day-to-day details that go into my various projects.

You’ll learn:

  • How to come up with new business ideas
  • How to validate that your startup idea is worth pursuing
  • How to grow your business past customer 0
  • How to scale the business with systems and automation
  • How to do it all with a family, mortgage, and other responsibilities

Special Offer to Subscribers

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