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These sorts of posts used to be popular back in the day, but you don’t see them much any more.

I figured I’d put one together and eventually this will be part of an autoresponder that goes out to new subscribers as a way of getting to know more about me.

So, here we go, here are 25 things you probably didn’t know about me:

1. My Wife Was Originally a Client

I first met my wife when I was at a sales meeting with a potential client. A friend of mine was interning with me at the time and he came along with. I told him after the meeting we were going to have to get them as a client so I can see what this girl was all about. It worked out.

2. My Favorite Time of Year is the NFL Draft

I’m a diehard Arizona Cardinals season ticket holder. When I was in grade school they were awful. They were awful for many years after too, but in grade school and high school we were consistently drafting in the top 10. Each year this brought hope (Matt Leinart anyone?). Nowadays, I sit on the couch for the weekend and just watch nothing, but the draft!

3. I’m Not a Pet Person

I just don’t care for them. Though I am more of a cat person than a dog person. Probably because cats are fine without all the attention? I don’t know, I just prefer not to spend time cleaning up after them and I don’t like how my hands smell after petting them. Does this make me bad?

4. I Have Three Daily Habits

At the beginning of the year I started up three daily habits. They are to write 750 words, take vitamins (B, C, D, Lysine, and Magnesium), and work out.

5. I went to 13 Different Schools by the Time I Graduated High School

I was originally born in Nebraska, moved to Seattle, back to Nebraska, back to Seattle and eventually to Phoenix. In all, I average more than 1 school per grade and no, my family wasn’t in the military!

6. I’m a Morning Person

I feel MUCH better about things when I wake up early. If I sleep past 8:30 I feel like I’ve wasted half a day. My ideal hours are from 5am to 11am for productivity, and then again from 4pm to 7pm in the evening.

7. I Wore “Hammer” Pants All of 4th Grade

What can I say? I was too legit to quit.

8. I Have Two Pet Peeves

Laziness and indecisiveness.

9. I Was 5’6 and 115 lbs Starting High School and 6’0 and 118 lbs When I Graduated

In high school I grew 6 inches and only 3 lbs. For the life of me I could not put on weight. Now that I’m over 30 (33 this April), the story is a little different (6’0 and 174 lbs).

10. Boston is my Favorite City

I went there a few years ago for the first time for a Cardinals / Patriots game and watched the Cardinals pull off the upset. The city was absolutely amazing and just has so much culture and history that accompanies it. The sights are just beautiful. I would only be able to live there in the summer though…I need my sunshine.

11. I Made a Final Table at a WSOP Event

Over 2,300 entrants and I busted out in 6th place. I usually play one event a year. I think I’ve played in 7 or so total now.

12. I Don’t Like Seafood

Somehow I like Tuna Fish Sandwiches and Salmon Patties and Boston is my favorite city though?

13. I Never Got into a True Fight in My Life

Sure there was wrestling and some slap boxing, but a true knock out drag out fight never happened. I could always talk my way out of it.

14. I Used to Wrestle My Body Pillow

I was a diehard WWE (WWF back then) fan and usually played the role of Macho Man Randy Savage. Whoever I had a crush on in school was my “Elizabeth”. I used to have all the wrestling figurines and a wrestling ring that I would setup in the corner and do the announcing while controlling the fighters. I don’t think I could name five active wrestlers now though.

15. I Owned Every Madden for 20 Years

I stopped playing video games when I became an entrepreneur in 2008, but I owned all the Madden games through that time. I also bought it in 2009 and 2010 just to keep the streak alive.

16. I Failed All But One Class my Sophomore Year in High School

The class I passed was Spanish with a 60.1%. Why? I hardly ever went to class and didn’t want to be there. Luckily I got my act together and passed on time to graduate in 2000.

17. I Dropped Out of College

Probably saw this coming right? Truth be told, I took a year off of school, had a good paying and steady job. I decided to go for computer science, then I switched to sports journalism, then back to computer science and then realized I had no idea what I wanted to do. A couple years in I quit.

18. I Walked Out on My First Job After 5 years

I was promoted to a manager position where I supervised people three times my age. It was in the trucking industry and I just didn’t like what I was doing.

19. I Played Poker Professionally for a Year

I walked out on the job to go hang with friends who were in line waiting for the first Xbox to be released. Then I started playing poker online. A lot of people would have a problem with this, but those people never had the courage to chase their dreams.

20. I Once Won $25,000 in One Poker Session and Lost $24,000 the Next

Needless to say, this is when I realized I had a high risk tolerance. This would serve me well in entrepreneurship.

21. I’m a Nail Biter

I don’t like having long finger nails for whatever reason. If my nail is longer then the tip of my finger, it’s time to trim.

22. I Believe in Alien Life

I have yet to see proof, but the mathematical odds are too great that somewhere in the universe other life forms exist.

23. I Still Have my Wisdom Teeth

I’m not a fan of pain, so putting it on the schedule just wasn’t up my alley.

24. I’m Terrified of Spiders, Snakes, and Heights

People have told me I need to face my fears. Umm no, I’m good.

25. My Dream Job is to be the GM of a Sports Team

I always played Madden like a GM. I rarely actually played the games. I also owned Out of the Park Baseball where you’re the GM of a baseball team. Just love the idea of crafting a roster. I suppose this is why the NFL Draft is also my favorite time of the year.


Anything resonate with you? Did I leave anything out or instill any questions? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Jack 9 years ago says:

    Justin always kept a smile on his face. And had a distinct laugh when he was a kid. lol

    • Justin McGill 9 years ago says:

      Hah yes…I’m usually found smiling and laughing still to this day. Life’s too short for hang-ups.


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